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Kropyvnytskyi City


Kropyvnytskyi is the city of intellectuals which gave the world such outstanding people as Ivan Karpenko-Kary, Marco Kropyvnytskyi Yaroslav Ivashkevich and Arseny Tarkovsky.

The picturesque town, founded in 1754, is situated on the banks of the river Ingul. An unusual Railway Station welcomes guests, due to its blue walls this delicate building seems weightless. In the downtown of Kropivnitskyi one can see houses representing architectural style of the XIX century - graceful balconies, filigree windows ...

Atmosphere here is amazing, it feels like you really travel 100 years back in time. Even passersby are very friendly. The well kept Quay welcomes its visitors with comfort, and the water surface reflects silhouettes of houses near the water and bell towers of the cathedral. No wonder Russian poet Nikolai Dob called this city "Little Paris"!

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