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Museum with that one red button


In Pobuzke, near Pervomayskaya, there is a Museum of strategic rocket forces. This museum is one of a kind, there is no equal anywhere in the world. You can visit the top-secret starting position of intercontinental ballistic missiles. A museum was opened in 2001. On its merits one can see mine-launcher missiles SS-24 Scalpel, command post under the ground, power, cooling center, barracks, and some outbuildings. Also, there are fragments of missile engines, motor vehicles for the transport of missiles mock nuclear warhead. The guides at the museum are officers who used to serve on this base. If you wish you may can go down to the command post.


In Soviet times to enter this superconfidential base was impossible. Everywhere there were observational system devices radio surveillance system and electrical minefield. This museum is the only one in the world which was opened on the basis of real military unit. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine had 176 intercontinental ballistic missiles. Almost half of them are located here.


In the halls of the museum there are mostly replicas of the former missile parts, various household items and documents. Here are models of missile silos and command post located underground. But the most interesting thing are the walls of the museum halls. The main exhibit - a missile RS-20 "Voivod" in NATO classification - SS-18 Satan. Its weight is 211 tons, length - 34 m, diameter - 3 m shooting range - 15 ths. Km. The noteworthy fact is that we never had such missiles on the territory of Ukraine. It was brought to Ukraine as a museum item after the nuclear disarmament.

In Ukraine there were rockets of a lower class - SS-24 Scalpel. Firing range of such missile is 10 thousand Km. In 1994, the bases started to get demolished. Some of them were blown up, some filled and covered with concrete or building trash. Potern are a so-called underground tunnels here. All utility systems are working ventilation system copes with its task. In the museum you can go to the command post at 30-meter depth and see exactly that "red button" which is commonly used to launch missiles. By the way, in fact it is grey.

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